Friday 2 February 2017

RMCG Senior Fellow, Charles Thompson presents his research on industry outlooks in our region.

Customers and Industry

The agricultural industry in northern Victoria is changing. Demand for our higher quality produce is growing domestically and internationally. 

To meet this change in demand our farmers are also changing. RMCG research has found the number of small dairy farming properties has decreased, while there are more large properties milking bigger herds. RMCG Senior Fellow Charles Thompson says, since 1990 the number of dairy farms has halved, on average, every 18 years.

The same research has found significant changes in the region’s horticultural industry. To meet consumer demand our orchardists are creating top quality fresh produce. And, while there are 30 per cent less horticultural properties, the area planted has increased. 

To provide our customers, stakeholders and communities with more information on this topic we’ve prepared a series of papers, which can be found below.

Project Timeline


 Planning process kick off

 Stakeholder groups (including Board)

 Public release of findings

 Indicates the Board's role

 Strategy development

 Public consultation

 Input feedback into plan

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Workshop Dates

First Workshop

Monday 6 February
10.30 - 2.30 pm

Second Workshop

Tuesday 7 February
10.30 - 2.30 pm

The workshops listed above are closed sessions. However the same information is available on this webpage for you to review. You can provide your comments, ideas or feedback to your Water Services Committee representative or submit your feedback directly.



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