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Our previous Future Strategic Plan topics have explored the challenges and opportunities of water resource availability and security, and the changing needs of our customers. It is logical, then, that GMW’s business – our services and how we deliver them – will need to change to service our region.

GMW currently delivers a mixture of prescribed and non-prescribed services. Prescribed services are specified in the Water Industry Regulatory Order 2014 (Vic). Prices and service standards for prescribed services are regulated by the Essential Services Commission. Non-prescribed services are generally either carried out according to a ministerial directive or are commercial services we provide in the hope of generating additional revenue from our existing investments.

The next step is looking at our business and ensuring we make changes to our services and delivery network to support our region.

To provide our customers, stakeholders and communities with more information on this topic we’ve prepared a series of papers which can be found below that explore:

  • Corporate overview – how our business looks today
  • Our prescribed assets and services - what we are required to deliver
  • Our non-prescribed assets and services - what we are either directed to deliver by the Minister for Water, or deliver by choice
  • Our delivery model - how we deliver of services

Project Timeline


 Planning process kick off

 Stakeholder groups (including Board)

 Public release of findings

 Indicates the Board's role

 Strategy development

 Public consultation

 Input feedback into plan

# Topics may change

Give Us Your Feedback

During March we're holding a series of closed workshops where we'll be discussing the background papers published on this page.

However, we've made the information on this webpage available for your review and comment.

You can provide your comments, ideas or feedback to your Water Services Committee representative or you can submit your feedback directly.

Your input will help us develop our Strategic Plan.

To get started, we will ask you a few questions to find out a little bit more about you and your involvement in this project.

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Discussion Question

How can GMW change our business to best support the needs of our region?

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